All-levels yoga class • East Hartford Senior Center

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All-levels Yoga, Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 East Hartford Senior Center All-levels yoga practice at the East Hartford Senior Center – Tuesdays 1:30-2:30. Current session: 8/12-10/14  (you can join an ongoing session, class fees prorated) Next Session Starts: 10/28/2014 These gentle yoga classes are appropriate for every level of experience and fitness. Located at 70 Canterbury Road, East Hartford. For directions […]

practice and detachment

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Well, I know it seems like a while since our first installment of  sutra of the week, but this summer we’re following the Aztec calendar allowing us a little more time to think. Exploring the sutras here is not intended as a full unpacking of Patanjali’s brilliant schematic of yoga. This task has been tackled elegantly beginning with the commentary by Vyasa in the […]

as you think, so you become

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My RAM memory is full …my mental RAM, that is.  To quote philosopher and singer/songwriter John Hyatt:  “You say you’re gonna get your act together,  gonna take it out on the road. But if I don’t get outta here pretty soon my head’s going to explode” Okey doke, It’s time to practice detachment again. A […]

All-levels yoga at Bristol Wellness Center

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Howdy yoga friends!  The next session of “all-level” yoga at Bristol Wellness center begins on Thursday, September 11 and run through October 30.  Class time 6:45-7:45 PM. This 8 class series is an all-levels yoga practice of physical exercises, breath and meditation to cultivate a healthier body and, potentially a peaceful state of mind.  Variations to accommodate […]

Begin at the beginning : Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

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1.1 Atha yoganusasanam! — Begins Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. With this “call to attention” we dive into an ocean of yogic study. What follows is a collection of 195 (196 in some editions) short, sequential building blocks that develop into a body of philosophy, psychology, esoterica, metaphysics, but above all, practical techniques to put into practice on the path to a pure, uncolored awareness, […]

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

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Just what the world needs — another yoga blog. Well here we are, day one.  I’ve been sitting around thinking long and hard trying to come up with a first post. Paralyzed by some imaginary perception that every word has to be perfect and filled with great, enduring wisdom, profundity and in the process not offending anyone… And then […]