aboutjeffAbout Jeff Zweig

I have been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga daily since 1998. I feel fortunate that my first exposure to yoga was this extraordinary traditional method. The equal focus on strength and flexibility combined with meditative breathing resonate deeply and I continue to study and refine my personal approach to practice and teaching every day.

My primary influences and teachers are senior American instructors David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff and David Swenson. From these passionate and gifted teachers I’ve come to a belief and understanding of yoga as a holistic healing system that transcends simple bodily exercise. I feel blessed to have taken practice with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois during his international tours, and his voice remains deeply etched in my memory and approach to teaching.

My basic goal as an instructor is to pass along the physical exploration, breathing techniques, inner stillness, humor, and fun that made me fall in love with the practice. Yoga is meant to be adapted to the fitness level, experience, age, mental and physical stability of the individual. I encourage all students to move and breath so that they feel better when they complete practice than they did before. Most important, yoga class should be fun, safe, and noncompetitive.

I strive to be compassionate and genuine in my teaching and to live the principles of Yoga.

A brief personal history

My first “gurus” were my mother and father, who have demonstrated kindness, compassion and generosity–the essence of yogic philosophy–throughout their lives. Both of my parents were professional educators who were deeply devoted to the never-ending journey of teaching and learning.

Before starting my yoga journey, I studied classical guitar at the Hartt School of Music. This led to a position playing guitar and banjo for the original production of the hit musical Annie at Goodspeed Opera House. I played in the orchestra at Goodspeed for several seasons, then moved on to a career in Broadway theater orchestras and national touring companies.

After several years as a touring musician, I returned to college (to the great delight of my Mom) and completed a BA degree at the University of Connecticut. Upon graduation, I worked at Funnybone Interactive, a software company, creating sound design and composing music for children’s educational and entertainment software. During this time, I also began my study of yoga, first as a physical exercise and ultimately as a way of life.

During my years at Funnybone I began to teach yoga classes and by 2005 I was teaching full time. I have taught in the Hartford area’s top yoga studios, colleges and secondary schools, hospitals, wellness centers, health clubs, senior centers, and in the fitness facilities of major corporations and private businesses. A partial list of current and former clients include West Hartford Yoga, Sacred Movement Yoga, Malibu Fitness, Healthtrax, the Hartford Insurance Company, the Hospital of Central Connecticut, CCSU, Aetna, Bristol Wellness Center, Sacred Rivers Yoga, Newington Yoga, and Fresh Yoga.
I welcome students at all levels, from first-time beginners to long-term students and fellow yoga teachers.