Testimonials from Students

I have tremendous gratitude for the lessons that I learn from each and every student.
Below are a few of their gracious comments:

“I practiced in Jeff’s Ashtanga yoga classes for about five years and with his clear articulation, deep knowledge of yoga tradition and effective hands-on adjustments, my practice developed and became more refined over the years. I admire Jeff’s unique ability to teach to students of diverse experience levels, ages, and physical abilities practicing within one classroom. Jeff creates a supportive environment where each student works on his/her own practice while fostering a community where students breathe together and share energy in a common space…he is a teacher that students follow for many years to practice and to learn the traditions of Ashtanga yoga.”
~ Christine

“Before I started attending Yoga classes with Jeff, I had never formally laid foot on a yoga mat as an adult. Over the last 18 months, I have worked hard to keep my [time] open so that I don’t miss a class. I come for the mixture of vigorous exercise, structured breathing, meaningful conversation, and the sense of community that Jeff has knit into [the] studio. I love the anecdotal context Jeff provides, his references to great teachers, and the use of chanting to provide an element of anchoring of the practice in its ancient roots. It feels real and there is substance in his portrayal of Yoga as an established tradition and not a “flavor of the month” exercise routine. That being said, he is not dogmatic about everyone having to do each asana the same way; but to let their bodies make their judgments in the moment. Thanks to Jeff, I have developed a broader interest in the philosophy of Yoga as well.”
~ Venkata

“Jeff has an in-depth knowledge of the history and practice of yoga. He is able to “read” the students in his classes and tailor his lessons and teachings to meet their needs and abilities at that point in time and space. Jeff challenges his students to respect the practice of yoga, to be kind to their bodies, and to smile.
And Jeff laces it all with good humor, humility–and chaturangas! I feel truly honored and blessed to be one of his students.”
~ Nancy

“I took my first yoga class with Jeff seven years ago and found an instructor that teaches with passion. There is an excitement of learning in his classes. His steady direction has led me to a healthy and fulfilling yoga practice.
Jeff presents instruction which is practical and approachable. The new student would find themselves immediately comfortable.”
~ Sean

“…Your classes map a path toward spirituality…I love that you bring tidbits of the philosophy, literature, and heritage of yoga to each class [and] admire your demeanor as a teacher–very wise but extremely humble, welcoming yet maintaining a bit of distance…I love that you bring an actual personality (with moods and emotions) to class and your wonderful sense of humor.…Some things you say (like recently, about the importance of foundations in dealing with transitions) help me considerably in dealing with obstacles.”
~ Claire

“…My general first impressions are still vivid. I could tell this was going to be serious fun, also serious work was at hand. Your guidance through these sessions feels assured, clear and helpful on many levels…Thank you for introducing me to yoga practice, and to the ongoing deepening of the experience. From your instruction I feel possibilities in the poses has awakened me to other possibilities: the possibility of greater affection for things, greater tenderness towards the world at large, greater generosity in life generally.”

“You’ve introduced and taught us to have calming, peaceful, and quiet minds.  Stretching to achieve a supple body, along with the calming mind, has been the most important reason for attending your classes.  The talks and chants before practice bring us to another level of togetherness…enveloping us in the yoga atmosphere. Thank you!”

Your class takes us through important asanas and then goes beyond. Without pushing, you teach us the essence of kindness in yoga philosophy. With the power of yoga that you bring, I can quiet the chitta vritta (temporarily). I can let go of the trivial and pay attention to the important, and I can at least partially answer the age-old questions:  “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”
The fact that I’m physically stronger and more limber is icing on the cake.”

“…you are a pleasure as a teacher and make yoga more than physical experience…you bring a knowledge and sense that few other teachers have and it is a pleasure. I like your series of postures and the way you explain it and the pace. I feel… a sense of peace after a practice, different than spin class, although the stretching complements the spin workout as well.”