Citta vritti nirodhah; the “Self” abides

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The greatest challenge discussing the yoga sutras is the paralysis that results from a desire to actually produce something of value. That our rudimentary understanding of this philosophy be expressed in an articulate and meaningful way. But as someone much smarter then I am often says: Done is better than perfect. And so, dear friends, once […]

practice and detachment

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Well, I know it seems like a while since our first installment of  sutra of the week, but this summer we’re following the Aztec calendar allowing us a little more time to think. Exploring the sutras here is not intended as a full unpacking of Patanjali’s brilliant schematic of yoga. This task has been tackled elegantly beginning with the commentary by Vyasa in the […]

Begin at the beginning : Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

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1.1 Atha yoganusasanam! — Begins Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. With this “call to attention” we dive into an ocean of yogic study. What follows is a collection of 195 (196 in some editions) short, sequential building blocks that develop into a body of philosophy, psychology, esoterica, metaphysics, but above all, practical techniques to put into practice on the path to a pure, uncolored awareness, […]